Inspur Information selects AlphaFlow

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Recently, the bidding results of Inspur Information Process Management System Service Project were officially announced, and AlphaFlow Process Platform successfully won the bid!

Inspur Information (stock code SZ000977) is a Fortune China 500 company and one of the first "digital pilot" companies in China. The company was founded in 1998 and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000. It is a world-leading provider of IT infrastructure products, solutions and services. Inspur Information has the world's most complete and powerful artificial intelligence platform. The AI server NF5488A5 developed in 2021 is the world's first to support 8 NVIDIA's new Ampere architecture GPUs, creating 19 performance world records for training and reasoning in the world's authoritative AI evaluation MLPerf. In the market field, Inspur Information has established a preliminary global business system, with 8 R&D centers, 14 production bases, and 50 business branches at home and abroad, covering 120 countries and regions around the world.

As an industry leader, Inspur Information is not only an enabler of digital solutions for customers from all walks of life, but also a witness of digital transformation. In the early years, with clear goals and routes set, the company filled the breakpoints and gaps in business digitalization, and successively deployed and implemented dozens of information systems such as ERP, MES, WMS, PLM, CRM, SRM, etc. in the group, achieving the unity of high complexity, high agility and low cost of business.

This time, Inspur Information is committed to realizing the strategic-driven process system reform and construction, creating a unified business process digital management platform through the Microvast AlphaFlow process platform, and establishing an overall business architecture covering all departments and lines of the group. At the same time, through detailed process design, the execution rules and standards of each business behavior and management behavior in the process are clarified, and the full life cycle construction of business process management within the entire group is supported in a more compliant and efficient manner. It continues to move forward on the road of pursuing the optimization of process efficiency and the maximization of per capita efficiency, transforming the excellent process assets accumulated by the group into productivity, and helping enterprises to cross cyclical business competition!

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