Unified management of connections (Contentor) and interface APIs
Loose coupling: Services that are independent of the process do not affect the stability of the process platform
Rich out-of-the-box connectors
Extensibility: Zero-code custom connections and API interfaces

Connector unified management

Out-of-the-box universal connectors such as REST, JDBC, Webser-vice, and email
Ready-to-use connectors for SAP, PLM, UFIDA NC/UB Kingdee EAS/K3, EHR, etc.
Custom connectors: zero-code setup and automatic parsing
Connector testing
Connector classification and permission management

API interface unified management

The API interface completes specific data exchange based on the business
Automatically parse API interface parameters
Customize logical rules for data operations and conversions
Based on REST, WebService, JDBC and other data types, interface definition, encapsulation and publication are performed
API interface version management
API interface classification and permission management

Integrated platform monitoring and traffic analysis

Interface usage
Key indicators
Running performance
Chart cockpit