Common pain points in enterprise process analysis

Business Leader/CXO

Data reports are scattered and cannot show the overall process operation of the entire company or business line.
How to improve business operation efficiency, implement early warning and reminder, and optimize business processes.

Process Manager

What are the differences between the actual process (AS-IS) and the designed process (TO-BE)?
How to discover process problems and improve process management level?
Are there self-service analytics tools for business people?

IT Staff

Process data is scattered across different business systems such as ERP and CRM. How to integrate process data from multiple systems?
The visualization cost is high, and the business system does not support specialized process analysis

Process Analysis Mining Solution Blueprint

Process Mining Solutions

Process Mining Solutions

Unlock the value of process data

Improve process visibility and transparency

Restore the actual business operation status

End-to-end process performance analysis across systems

Improve process performance management

Process compliance analysis and compliance checking

Discover process bottlenecks and black holes to support continuous process optimizations