Common application scenarios of AlphaBot process robots

Read and write back to other applications and databases
User authentication and authorization
Automatic calculation
Read and write data from other modules
Unstructured data (emails, documents) processing
Complex rule judgment
Calling cloud service API
Run other programs
OCR recognition

AlphaBot process robot ready to use

Out-of-the-box messaging robots such as SMS and email
Out-of-the-box OCR, NLP and other AI robots
Out-of-the-box integrated robots for SAP, PLM, MES, UFIDA NC/U8, Kingdee EAS/K3, EHR, etc.

Quickly customize process robots

No-Code Configuration
Low-Code customization, support for Groovy and SQL scripting languages
Robot running test
Rapid packaging and reuse

Unified management and monitoring analysis

Unified classification and rights management
Robot operation monitoring and troubleshooting
Work output and KPI performance analysis
Robotic Operations Data Mining
Robot Chart Cockpit