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The Sino-foreign joint venture, pioneer of agricultural machinery developing, manufacturing and sales services, entrusts Econage to continuously provide BPM services and innovations. 

Yanmar China

Yanmar Agricultural Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture led by the Japanese pioneer enterprise "Yanmar Holding Group", integrating agricultural machinery technology development, manufacturing and sales services. Ever since its establishment in the Jiangsu province in 1998, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. maintains as a high-tech industry leader in China's agricultural machinery industry.

Challenges and pain points

1. There is no closed loop between budget management and payment process, no dynamic summary, real-time tracking, advance control, intelligent analysis, and the budget expense control system lacks refined management, budget control is difficult, and costs are easy to get out of control.

2. Each business scenario is scattered. With a business so complex, there is no strong central capability to open up data, and there are horizontal barriers to business collaboration.  

Project value

1. Through the AlphaFlow process engine, it covers more than 95% of Yanmar China's business processes, including hundreds of processes including financial processes, planning processes, general affairs processes, personnel processes, material processes, and quality control processes.   

2. Multi-business consolidation and order-making, process aggregation and unified management, and efficient collaboration among various business departments.

3. Budget management is associated with the payment process, realizing the intelligent closed-loop of "budget declaration-expense application-expense reimbursement-online payment (online banking)", and a standardized and process-oriented business and financial system, which brings faster operational efficiency.

About Yanmar

Founded in 1912, Yanmar has been forging ahead for 100 years, and in 1933 manufactured the world's first practical small diesel engine, which is widely used in marine ships, agricultural equipment, construction equipment and engine units in various countries around the world.

Yanmar Agricultural Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign joint venture led by the Japanese pioneer enterprise "Yanmar Holding Group", integrating agricultural machinery technology development, manufacturing and sales services. Yanmar Agricultural Machinery (China) Co., Ltd. became a high-tech symbol enterprise in China's agricultural machinery industry after its establishment in Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone in 1998. As a Sino-Japanese agricultural machinery joint venture that entered China, it created a precedent for foreign semi-fed combine harvesters to enter the production field in China. By the end of 2020, Yanmar had established more than 400 sales and service stores, 19 service parts centers and 148 service stations across the country, reached cooperative relations with 93 cooperatives across the country, and produced more than 100,000 units of various products in total. Integrated management.

Collaboration history

After years of cooperation, Econage Technology AlphaFlow process platform has covered various branches of Yanmar in China.

In October 2016, Econage reached its first cooperation with Yanmar Agricultural Machinery (China) in Wuxi.

With the remarkable results of this cooperation, in 2017 and 2020, we signed contracts with Yanmar Motor (Shanghai) YSH and Shandong Yanmar Motor YSD to help the integrated process management. 

Reasons to choose Econage

1. Zero-code process platform, efficient configuration and online of hundreds of processes in 1 month, short delivery cycle and low maintenance cost.

2. Strong integration ability and high degree of automation, which can seamlessly adapt to various business applications such as the original Kingdee financial and personnel system, enterprise WeChat, online banking system, etc., and support the horizontal development of business needs.

3. Break the data chimney, and explore the result indicators or process indicators of key activities with a visual and analytical process in-depth analysis platform to drive efficient business development.

Project effectiveness

1. The whole process of online approval, the average approval cycle is shortened to 10-15 days, and the efficiency is improved by more than 75%.

2. The automation of financial bookkeeping approval greatly releases cumbersome and complex application work, and improves the efficiency of handling financial documents by more than 45%.

3. Full-cycle fee control electronic process management such as budget application and approval, expense application and approval, expense reimbursement, payment settlement, etc., with a completion rate of up to 98%. 

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