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One of the most desired brands worldwide, Global fortune 500 company Haier group chooses AlphaFlow as their partner in their journey of process reform. With the help of AlphaFlow BPA, many systems within Haier Group are brought online and became interconnected.


The digitalization of Haier Group is a whole-process transformation around users.

——Li Huagang, Senior Vice President of Haier Group and Chairman and President of Haier Zhijia

Haier Smart Home, the world's leading home appliance enterprise and the main home appliance brand of Haier Group, a Fortune 500 company, reached a cooperation with Econage. In the process of digital transformation and upgrading, the AlphaFlow process management platform will be selected to plan, design and manage business processes based on the deconstruction of the top-level blueprint design of the strategy, and finally achieve the goal of quantifiable, analyzable, visualized and optimized business processes of the group.

● About Haier Smart Home 

Haier Smart Home is listed in the Fortune Global 500 and the most liked companies in the world.

According to the 2022 annual report released by Haier Smart Home, the total operating income of Haier Smart Home in 2022 will reach 243.514 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.22%; The net profit was 14.711 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.48%.

From a local refrigerator factory 37 years ago to a diversified and global ecological brand with a market value of hundreds of billions of yuan, Haier Smart Home currently has seven global high-end brands such as Haier, Casati, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, Candy and the world's first smart home scene brand Three-winged Bird. It has built a world-class industrial Internet platform Kaos COSMOPlat and the Internet of Things big health industry ecological Yingkang Life, and its entrepreneurial acceleration platform Haichuanghui has incubated and accelerated 7 unicorn enterprises, 102 gazelle enterprises and 124 specialized and special new "little giants".

● Haier in process reform

As early as 1998, Haier Group began the road of process reform. Haier summed up the highest state of process management as: order and person in one. The key to "order and person in one" lies in people, which takes the user's whole process experience as the main line, and everyone in the process must create their own market first.

This time, Haier Smart Home introduced a mature process digital platform as a tool for process design and management within the group. By integrating all values and nodes in the "chain group contract", and using a unified process management IT platform as the carrier of the group's process construction and management, it will further realize the standardization and unification of process design, process release, process display and query, and process optimization management.

The first task Econage completed is to cover the whole process and build a process management system of Haier Smart Home. Horizontal classification and vertical stratification, through the combing and design work covering the whole business domain, the business practice of each link of the company's production and operation is clarified and managed, so that the process of value creation is transparent and standardized.

The second task is to unify the platform to realize online collaboration of the whole process design. Based on Haier Zhijia's strategy and the full-role access of the "order person in one" business model, the whole process users such as business personnel, business process system interface people, and domain managers are introduced into the process management platform, and through the unified platform carrier, standardization, method and standardization, process visualization, standardization and integration are realized, and the excellent process practices within the group are finally precipitated into process assets.

The third task is to organize the adaptation process and improve the efficiency of management. Summarize long-established best business practices into processes and templates. Through visualization, simple drag-and-drop operation, standardized design management and continuous optimization. At the same time, AlphaFlow platfrom associates process roles with organizational positions, automatically generates job descriptions, provides process navigation for employees, achieves precise empowerment, and accelerates talent training.

This cooperation will help Haier Smart Home accelerate the IT planning route centered on business processes, create better operations and functional collaboration.

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