Tianneng Group selects AlphaFlow to build a digital platform for process assets

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"We must vigorously promote digital transformation. We must face the market, comprehensively accelerate the digitalization of the industry, and infiltrate digitalization into all business links of production, supply, sales, and research; we must focus on processes, comprehensively accelerate the digitalization of operations, and quickly promote full digital coverage of group management and shared services. "

——Excerpt from the New Year's speech by Zhang Tianren, Chairman of Tianneng Holding Group

This week, AlphaFlow won the bid for the unified process asset digital management platform of Tianneng Holding Group, China's first power battery company and one of the top 500 Chinese companies. This will help Tianneng Group achieve the integration of management elements such as processes, standards, systems, organizations, and risk control, and realize the integrated integration of a management system with processes as the core.

Tianneng Holding Group was founded in 1986 and is a world-renowned green energy system solution provider. It originated in Huzhou, Zhejiang, the birthplace of the concept of "Green water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains". In terms of comprehensive strength, it ranks 137th among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, 33rd among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, 22nd among the top 500 Chinese private manufacturing enterprises, 5th among the top 100 Chinese light industrial enterprises, 1st among the top ten Chinese light industrial battery industry enterprises, and 5th among the top 100 private enterprises in Zhejiang.

Tianneng Holding Group's core businesses include new energy battery systems, resource recycling and modern service industries. In June 2007, Tianneng Group was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong as "China's first power battery stock" (stock name: Tianneng Power; code: 0819.HK). In January 2021, it was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock name: Tianneng Shares; code: 688819), becoming the first company in the industry to have "A and H" dual-listed brands.

"Digitalization" is an important development strategy of Tianneng Holding Group. At the 2024 New Year Summary and Commendation Conference, Mr. Zhang Tianren, Chairman of Tianneng Holding Group, proposed that all Tianneng people should grasp the reform with the perseverance of "I will seek up and down", the organization should be transformed into agile and efficient, digitalization should be transformed into all-factor transformation, and the system mechanism should be transformed into systematization. In the promotion of this process asset digital platform project, Tianneng Holding Group started from the vision and strategy, took the customer as the center, and built a panoramic business strategy map, which transformed the process system and management requirements into "visible" execution power. In accordance with the PDCA cycle of process management, the full life cycle management system of the process is continuously created from process planning-process design-process operation-process operation-continuous optimization to respond to the current compliance operation requirements of the group and achieve the goal of integrating process system construction with information technology strategy.

By building a unified process asset management and digital operation system for the group based on the AlphaFlow process platform, Tianneng Holding Group will achieve centralized control of process management elements, and realize process-based collaborative and integrated management of structured management systems, organizations, resources, indicators, responsibilities and other management elements, forming a "one-skin" management of processes and systems, laying a solid foundation for end-to-end implementation from process system construction to IT system.

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