Lin's Home Furnishing selects AlphaFlow

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This week, Lin's Home Furnishing, a benchmark brand in new home furnishing retail and a billion-level home furnishing company, officially signed a contract with Econage Technology to introduce AlphaFlow process management platform to build a unified process asset management and digital process system, helping Lin's Home Furnishing to integrate management elements such as processes, standards, systems, organizations, and risk control, and realize the integrated integration of a management system with processes as the core.

One of the first Internet home furnishing companies in China

Over 20 million Tmall store fans

Ranked TOP1 in the total transaction volume of residential furniture category in the whole network for many consecutive years

Guangdong Lin's Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lin's Home Furnishing) was established in 2007. It is a nationally renowned furniture retail company integrating professional research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. It owns many brands such as Lin's Home Furnishing, Lin's Whole Home Customization, Lin's Sleep, Lin's Life, LINSY KiDS, etc. Through the full-style, full-category, full-scene product layout, professional and considerate home services, and easy and convenient shopping experience, it provides global consumers with fashionable solutions for diversified life. As of January 2024, there are more than 1,400 offline stores worldwide, and sales tracks cover 69 countries and regions at home and abroad.

Digital operation has always been the core competitiveness of Lin's Home Furnishing. This time, the company has established a hierarchical process framework system to output a structured and visual process panoramic map, which will faithfully restore the entire process of corporate value creation. Through a unified process management platform, the tools, specifications, methods, and rules are unified, and the processes are made explicit, standardized, and integrated. The excellent process assets accumulated in various business areas of Lin's Home Furnishing are transformed into productivity, so as to further achieve the company's full-link digital upgrade in multiple dimensions such as digitalization of functions, digitalization of business, digitalization of supply chain, and digitalization of marketing.

At the same time, with the process as the core, the integration of multiple systems is realized, and all elements such as organization, system, process, template, risk and standard are highly integrated. They are designed, published, linked, queried and displayed on a unified process platform, which clarifies the company's business production activities and supporting processes, makes the process responsible for the results, and will effectively help Lin's Home Furnishing reduce costs and increase efficiency and realize refined operation management.

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