Tsinghua Unigroup selects AlphaFlow process platform

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This week, Unigroup Tongxin, an industry-leading semiconductor solution provider, officially signed a contract with Microvast Technology to build a full-life cycle "digital foundation" for the group's process management through the AlphaFlow process platform, focusing on the standardization and visualization of processes, and helping the group achieve its organizational goals of high-performance management and steady growth in operations.

In the 2023 Fortune China 500 list, Tsinghua Unigroup ranked 199th with its excellent operating performance and leading industry position. Tsinghua Unigroup Tongxin is the core enterprise of Tsinghua Unigroup's automotive electronics and smart chip sector, with business covering five major areas: smart cards, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, microcontrollers, storage and devices. The company was established by the second-generation resident ID card chip research and development team of the Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University. It is a well-known security chip and solution supplier in the industry. It has undertaken many major national industrialization projects including the second-generation ID card chip, the 2008 Olympic Games electronic ticket chip, and the large-capacity and high-security dual-interface financial chip. It has won many authoritative awards and certifications such as the National Science and Technology Progress First Prize, CC EAL6+, GSMA SAS-UP, AEC-Q100 Grade1, ISO 26262 ASIL-D, and has nearly 300 authorized patents. At present, the company's products have been shipped in total over 20 billion pieces.

In implementing the process digital management platform, Unigroup Tongxin will analyze the current status of the process from a global perspective, and build a layered and graded process architecture around the core business processes, sort out and design processes at all levels, transform virtual rules into executable paths, and output a visual and structured process panorama and process list.

At the same time, through the Microvast AlphaFlow process platform, Unigroup Tongxin is also committed to building a management platform that connects the front desk of employees and the technical backend, combining the matching of people, positions and roles to achieve one-stop management of the organization. By integrating the group's existing system, risk control, compliance, IT and other process management elements, it ensures that the operation of the process is consistent with the actual business, system regulations, standards, etc., while promoting the precipitation of best business practices, it realizes the reasonable allocation of enterprise resources in various business flows, and the reasonable adjustment and solidification of personnel performance indicators and business management systems. In the fierce market competition, it supports the rapid growth of business.

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