Government affairs "run at most once"

It is a modern government digital governance platform, which is cross Commission Office, cross system, one time, one Internet access, and intelligent second handling.

The whole process of R & D in automobile industry

Follow the industry standard of automobile and parts R & D whole process management, covering plan, resource, schedule, task and knowledge.

Manufacturing Excellence Process Center

Improve the operation of suppliers, improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of equipment inspection and production facilities.

Financial insurance

Faster decision-making processes, less repetitive tasks. Provide efficient, high-quality customer experience through people-centric automated process solutions

Pharmaceutical chemical industry

Improve the operation efficiency, speed up the time to market, improve the quality control standard operation, and control the whole process of safety and compliance.


Implement according to the process, promote the standardization operation, integrate the instruction and plan with the process, realize the upper and lower closed loop of work, and speed up the launch of new products.

Financial budget

Fully integrate with the financial system to realize the process automation of the whole life cycle of capital, budget and cost control.

Human resources

Complete and optimize the core human resource process, improve employee relationship and enhance the efficiency of human resource system.

Customer success Center

Optimize the call center process, collect customer feedback, improve service satisfaction, and help customers succeed.