Unified management of connections and interfaces
Loose coupling: independent of the process services, does not affect the stability of the process platform
Rich out of the box connectors (such as SAP, Oracle, etc.)
Extensibility: zero code custom connection and API interface

Unified management of connectors

Out of the box rest, JDBC, webser vice, mail and other common connectors
Out of the box special connectors for SAP,PLM,UFIDA NC/U8 Kingdee EAS/K3,EHR etc
Custom connector: zero code setting and automatic parsing
Connector test
Connector classification and permission management

Unified management of API interface

API interface completes the specific data exchange according to the business
Automatic parsing of API interface parameters
Data operation and transformation by custom logic rules
Based on REST, WebService, JDBC and other data types,the interface is defined,encapsulated and published
API interface version management
API interface classification and authority management

Integrated platform monitoring and traffic analysis

Interface consumption
Key indicators
Operation performance
Chart cockpit